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One finds oneself in an amalgamation of different worlds in Europe. With many countries, different languages and diverse culture, cuisine and topography, Europe fascinates many holidaymakers with its assorted medley of attractions, especially honeymooners who look forward to having a romantic interlude that would become the most extraordinary times of their lives.

Apart from sun, sea, and sand, Europe offers fairytale-like settings, vibrant townships and cities, and spectacular slices of nature backed up with activities and selection of culinary delights that ooze romance in every moment. Here’s our top pick of best honeymoon destinations in Europe.


Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy inarguably has all the right ingredients for a splendid romantic break. The spectacular amalgamation of Mediterranean climate, fantastic coastline, beaches, townships and cities complemented by the local, culture and food scene is all you need for a blissful start to a marital journey.

Italy has the finest collection of places for honeymooners. Rome feels like a surreal scene from a mystical era, Milan exposes you to the trendy lifestyle of present times. A gondola ride on the Venice Canals feels eternally romantic. The Italian Islands of Sardinia, Sicily, and Capri, and the colourful coastal towns of Amalfi, Cinque Terre linked closely to the turquoise sea and white sandy beaches take you far away from the crowded main cities. Along with a scrumptious selection of fresh Italian cuisine, wines, and warmth of friendly locals, an unforgettable honeymoon in Italy. All you need is an Italy visa!

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Refreshing hues of white beaches, blue sea and sky set the aura for a secluded romantic holiday. Greece is bordered with some of the most idyllic beaches and islands that speak of romance in every aspect. Bask in Mediterranean sunshine, splash around in sparkling waters, watch a beautiful sunset and later enjoy a scrumptious Greek dinner right on the beach in candle lit or moonlight settings sounds like an amazing way to spend your honeymoon.

Explore the awe-inspiring beauty of Greek islands of Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos and Corfu on an island hopping excursion. Greece has some great luxury resorts and spas that are perfect for pampering your beloved with spa treatments, Greek massages and hot baths. Take a casual walk in the Grecian ambience, spend some time exploring the coastal towns and mingle with the locals who appreciate living life simply.

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Among the best honeymoon destinations in Europe, Switzerland is undoubtedly the most sought after romantic destination. It is indeed one of the countries that pop into any newly married couple’s mind while searching for Europe honeymoon packages.

Switzerland is loaded with incredible sceneries – magnificent snowcapped mountains, enchanting alpine valleys and waterfalls, lush blankets of serene meadows, countryside filled with colourful plantations. Amaze yourself at nature’s glorious bounty at Matterhorn, St. Moritz, Zermatt and Lake Lucerne. Wander around the scenic lanes of Zurich, Lake Geneva and Lugano. Feel on top of the world at Jungfrau – top of Europe which leaves you breathless with spectacular icy vistas. Dine at Schilthorn amid 360 degrees of Swiss panorama. Indulge in ultimate comforts at cosy Swiss chalets and spoil yourself with Swiss cheese and chocolates to your heart’s desire.

Make your honeymoon holiday a bit adventurous with incredible funicular journeys to mountain peaks, rides on cable cars or skiing and snow sledging on Swiss Alps. There is so much to do in Switzerland that you will definitely come back for more Swiss experience.


Paris France

There’s nothing like French Romance. France appeals to many newly-weds to start of their romantic journey at the world’s most romantic city – Paris. The exuberant Eiffel Tower and Seine River along with iconic Parisian landmarks acts as a charming ambience to let love blossom. However, France goes beyond Paris when it comes to romantic places.

The breathtaking French Riviera and South of France are other great options for a perfect honeymoon outing. The waterfront promenade of Nice, the glamorous beach towns of Cote d’Azur and chic lifestyle of Cannes are some destinations that let you have a charming romantic getaway amid tranquil nature and stylish lifestyle.

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Scotland feels like a scene out of your favourite fables. The quaint landscapes, cobbled towns streets, and magnificent castles offer you a simple yet charming romantic break. You can cosy up in front of a fireplace at a forest lodge, village cottage or in a castle and catch stunning sunsets on horizons of Scotland coastlines.

Explore the scenic sights of Scotland through a self-drive tour and stop at places where you wish to spend time as per your desire. If you feel adventurous, then take a hiking tour of the magnificent Scottish Highlands. Journey through the Whisky Trails and discover the dramatic Scottish sceneries with whisky tasting at famous whisky distilleries of Scotland.

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Set far north from the main European land, Iceland is strikingly contrasting to other European countries. This incredible destination is filled with canyons, geysers, and glaciers. Here’s a chance to surprise your significant other with wondrous travel experiences.

Start your day early and watch a stunning sunset at Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Get a chance to view the Northern Lights or the midnight sun. Walk hand in hand at black pebbled beaches of Vik and Jökulsárlón, get a glimpse of serene horizons dotted with large floating icebergs and take a cruise on gorgeous glacial fjords.

These are just the highlights of the outlandish moments you can experience in Iceland. The best way to explore the country is on a self-drive tour with a rental from a company like Reykjavik Cars where you get all the liberty to slow down and have a nice quiet time with your beloved amid breathtaking vistas.  



For many, Germany seems to be an innovative country with cities that have attractions based on history or technology. But there’s another side to this charming country.

The country has some the world’s most beautiful townships and small villages accentuated with history, cuisine, nature, and culture which are some of the best places for honeymoon. Taking a detour from the usual German cities, take a trip to the Bavarian region where you can spend beautiful moments amid rolling hills, Bavarian Alps, and lakeshores. The region is dotted with picturesque old towns, cathedrals, nature trails and lush wilderness. If you are in Germany for a romantic break, then the Garden Route is a must do attraction.

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Looking for some solitude along with delicious food and cheery lifestyle on your romantic holiday? Spain invites you to fall in love with each other as well as with the country.

It is the perfect place to soak up some sunshine amid the iridescent waters lapping the gorgeous warm sandy shores. Set sail to the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands or visit Costa Galicia and find yourself a little slice of paradise filled with pleasant beaches complemented with refreshing calmness and solitude.

Andalusia is where you and your loved one can experience the blithe of Spanish living with visits to the tapas bar and flamenco shows. The rustic charms of bygone era add to the romantic ambience at Toledo and Alicante. However, anywhere you go in Spain, the nightlife is captivating and the calm merriment of the day turns into a lively verve-filled with spectacular party scenes, entertainment shows and incredible dining and lounging options.

Lanzarote, Spain (Island off of Spain)

Scuba diving in the Canaries may not be your idea of Romantic getaway. Yet how about proposing to your loved one next to a volcano, with a breathtaking sunset as a backdrop? Or dining in a cliffside gourmet restaurant, dimly lit, and overlooking vistas of the moon-dappled sea in Lanzarote?

In fact theres an abundance of romantic hideaways on the island. There’s also a great selection of restaurants to tantalise all tastebuds. One or two even utilize the island’s volcano as a barbecue to cook and flavour its Canarian spiced cuisine!
Others have the most delightful decor, desirable views and offer an unforgettable dining experience, such as the Kentia gourmet club.

Share a cocktail beside an attractive pool that is almost indistinguishable from the gorgeous blue horizon. Here waiters treat you like VIP guests whilst providing comfort as their main objective and chefs humbly do all they can to please, preparing dishes fit for royalty.

From exploring martian looking landscapes with luminous green lakes to enjoying an unforgettable camel ride together, theres a diverse range of memorable things to do and see as a couple in Lanzarote.

Driving yourselves around the various towns will give you a good vantage point to explore the very best that this intriguing island has to offer See here for the very best Lanzarote car hire quotes.

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Europe brings an incredible blend of boundless cultures, sun-drenched beaches, fabled landmarks along with serene elements of romantic, picturesque nature settings, sublime townships and laid back living. Europe is an ideal place for newlyweds to spend time together and realise that it is the humble and simple things in life that get you to appreciate togetherness.

There is nothing more important than spending cherished moments together with the one you love and Europe promises you a destination where special moments will create memories that last forever.

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