Compared to Mykonos, Santorini and Ios, Paros is a very chill island. There are many inviting seaside restaurants, abundant beaches and very relaxed people. It was really hot in Paros during our time there (late July) and we were told a heat wave had come through just as we arrived. Spending any time anywhere but the beach was a sweaty mess.

This said, we were very happy to see our high school friend, Kate, who had come to see us from India.

Accommodation in Paros

We stayed at Hotel Paros (how original 😉 in Parikia where the main town and port are in Paros. The hotel was basic, cheap and the location was great. It was a short 5-minute stroll down from the port which made it easily accessible. The beach was directly across the road and they had a Beach Café which was a perfect view to watch the sunset and chill on the computer (with awesome wifi!)

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Where to eat in Paros


We ate out a lot in Paros, usually ordering a variety of plates to share between us. The average cost for a meal in Paros can range from 2.00-15 euro unless you are Jacob who gets invited into the kitchen to carefully select his fish and excitedly picks the biggest one and we later find out it’s €50/kilo. Hmm, no budget today !?

Arodo – This restaurant can be accessed by walking from the port (40 minutes) or a €5 return boat from the port. It is on Krios beach. Our favourite restaurant on the whole island! Beautiful setting, decent prices and generous portions. (picture above)

Aegean Deli – Greek deli/restaurant with very reasonable prices and a real home cooked style.

Aliprantis Bakery – A bakery opposite Aegean Deli in Parikia. They had such a variety of delicious treats here. Most notably the Baklavas! We came back here 3 times in the 5-day stay.

Vanilla Gelateria – Top notch ice-cream in town! Jacobs favourite as they had rum raisin with chocolate and biscuit. What a happy boy he was.

Elaea – The best bread we had on the island, generous portions and yum food!

Yemeni – A very popular Greek restaurant in the town Naousa. A 15-minute drive from Parikia.

What to do in Paros


Drive around the island

We drove around ¾ of the island and stopped in at a few of the beaches and towns along the way. We opted to rent a car to drive because it was cheaper with the 3 of us and it was too hot to be out on ATV’s.

Visit different towns

Lefkes – Shown above. This town isn’t along the coast, it is inland Paros. A 30-minute peaceful drive from the main port. Once you arrive, park your car and stroll through the village. There were a few boutique stores, some jewellery stores and a handful of restaurants. If you visit the town, stop by at Flora Tavern for lunch before you park your car and you will have an amazing view of the village below.

Naoussa is a town a 15-minute drive from Parikia (Port). The town is very busy in the evenings as during the day it is too hot.



Visit the many beaches


Santa Maria Beach – Santa Maria was our favourite beach. The water was breathtaking. It felt like a giant swimming pool. In parts of Santa Maria, there are facilities such as camping, beach volley and a windsurfing school. There is also a beach bar with lounge music. Santa Maria is accessible by car or by boat.

Golden Beach – Golden beach is one of Paros’ most famous beaches. Within 22 km from Parikia, Golden Beach is a long and sandy beach with light blue waters. The beach is very well organised with lots of water sports facilities, most notably being known for its windsurfing. It is accessible by car or bus from Parikia.

Kolimbithres Beach – Kolimbithres is a sandy beach with crystal waters and crazy rocks creating small “swimming pools”. Located in a little bay, Kolimbithres is worth a visit. You can rent beach chairs, umbrellas, and there’s a tavern nearby. It is accessible by taxi-boat from the port of Naoussa or by car.

Krios – Directly across from Parikia. This small beach was a little hideaway. We got here a little late so unfortunately missed out on a bed and umbrella but we came back here for lunch at Arodo Restaurant after spending the day at Martselo beach (5 minutes walk from Krios) You can walk to these beaches from Parikia (40 minutes) or take a €5 boat from the port.

After 5 relaxing days and spending time with our friend here in Paros it was time to pack up and move on again. We have really enjoyed island hopping through Greece and although the sand & crystal clear water will never get old it was time to hit some history in Athens!

Married days survived: 128