Summarising the past 2 years of travel in one post was difficult, but below we’ve compiled a list of our top unforgettable experiences in each of the 54 countries we’ve crossed so far, starting with our Top 10.

Some countries we spent months in and some only a few days but no matter the duration, each and every one of them offered incredible opportunities, all of which we took full advantage of… except skydiving in Namibia, damn it, regret is a bitch. 

Our Top 10 Experiences (in order)

1. Spotting the Big 5 (Lion, Rhino, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo) at Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Phinda Lion

2. Dancing at the world’s biggest EDM festival Tomorrowland, Belgium

Belgium Tomorrowland 2016

3. Riding camels & camping under the stars in the Sahara, Morrocco


4. Road Trippin’ South Africa along The Garden Route

Garden Route South Africa

5. Partying at Carnival in Rio, Brazil


6. Island Hopping Croatia

Croatia Boat

7. Waking up Christmas morning on the Inca Trail, Peru

Inca Trail Peru Christmas

8. Flying high in hot air balloons over Cappadocia, Turkey


9. Trekking up the sand dunes (Dune 45) for sunrise in Namibia, Africa

Dune 45 Namibia

10. Swimming in the secret underground cenotes, Mexico

Mexican Cenote

Our #1 Experience in Every Country

In order of the country visited, here is the whole list of our top travel experiences, with photos to follow below.

  1. London – Experiencing a semi-final soccer match (Liverpool vs AC Villa) with VIP seats behind the players.
  2. Scotland – Listening to bagpipes live with the Scottish Highlands surrounding us.
  3. Ireland – Feeling tiny, as we looked over the edge of the ever-green Cliffs of Moher.
  4. Morocco – Camping in the Sahara under the clearest skies ever, after riding a camel during sunset to get there.
  5. Spain – Spending 5 weeks in our #1 favourite city, Barcelona + seeing many familiar faces from family and friends.
  6. Portugal – Exploring the beaches in Lagos and consuming all of the Portuguese tarts.
  7. France – Learning/drinking wine on a winery tour in the small village of St Paul de Vence + sampling all the delicious Parisian baked goods
  8. Monaco – Visiting the Monte Carlo Casino. Too bad we weren’t allowed in. Note to self: don’t wear flip-flops to a casino!
  9. Turkey Paragliding over beaches in Southern Turkey & flying high over Cappadocia in a hot air balloon.
  10. Greece Relaxing on Balos Beach in Crete & kayaking during the Santorini sunset.
  11. Croatia – Sailing between the stunning islands.
  12. Albania – Drinking a 2L beer for less than a euro.
  13. Montenegro – Staying in the beautiful town of Kotor.
  14. Italy – Hiking all 5 villages of Cinque Terre.
  15. Austria – Devouring a wiener schnitzel the size of our heads.
  16. Hungary – Drinking at all the Ruin Bars.
  17. Czech Republic – Exploring the near-perfectly preserved medieval town of Cesky Krumlov.
  18. Germany – 3 days of Oktoberfest.
  19. Holland – What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam.
  20. Belgium – 3-day electronic music festival, Tomorrowland.
  21. Sweden – Cruising down the many canals in a self-driven picnic boat.
  22. Denmark – Exploring the entire city by bike.
  23. Estonia – Going back in time in the old town of Tallin.
  24. Latvia – The cafe culture of Riga.
  25. Poland – Exploring Krakow in a golf buggy & sampling the communist Polish food in Warsaw.
  26. Mexico – Climbing down the ladders to the hidden Cenotes (underground water caves) + being part of the Day of the Dead celebrations in San Cristobal.
  27. Belize – Relaxing on Caye Caulker Island.
  28. Guatemala – Riding down the river in a speedboat with torrential rain, gale force winds and no roof to our lakefront hotel in Rio Dulce + the stunning scenery of Antigua.
  29. Nicaragua – Witnessing a volcano erupt & volcano boarding down another volcano.
  30. Honduras – Diving off Roatan Islands.
  31. Panama – Flying through the jungle on a barely untouched path on an ATV.
  32. Costa Rica – Visiting the hot springs at Tabacon Resort & surfing during sunset at Manual Antonio beach.  
  33. Colombia – Getting bed bugs, said no one ever. Camping in Tayrona National Park & learning about the graffiti history on walking tour in a Bogota. 
  34. Peru – Waking up Christmas morning on the Inca Trail & taking a private cooking class in a 5-star restaurant.  
  35. Bolivia – Taking 1000 perspective photos in the Salt Flats.
  36. Chile – Exploring the colourful heights of the town, Valparaiso.
  37. ArgentinaWalking on the Glaciers & visiting 5 wineries in a day with a private driver and having the best steak in the world x2.
  38. Brazil – Partying for 2 weeks over Carnival in Rio and relaxing on Morro De Sao Paulo Island. 
  39. Uruguay – Visiting the old town of Colonia.
  40. Dubai – Going up the world’s tallest tower, The Burj Khalifa, to the 125th floor. 
  41. South Africa – Experiencing a once in a lifetime adventure at Phinda Private Game Reserve & driving The Garden Route in Cape Town. 
  42. Swaziland – Getting up close and personal with zebras for the first time.
  43. Zambia – Getting drenched by the mighty Victoria Falls.
  44. Zimbabwe – Walking with rhinos in their natural habitat. 
  45. Botswana – Camping with the hippopotamuses in the Okavango Delta & taking a charter flight over the Delta. 
  46. Namibia – Seeing the sunrise over Dune 45. 
  47. Malaysia – Working (eating) our way down Jalan Alor food street.
  48. Nepal – Completing the 4-day hike to Poon Hill.
  49. Thailand –  Bathing the elephants in Chiang Mai + watching the most magnificent sunsets in Koh Lanta. See here for 24 Reasons to Love Thailand and the best of Koh Lanta Sunsets.
  50. Myanmar – Exploring the untouched The Temples of Bagan by e-bike & Taking the Local Train in Yangon to get a feel for the everyday life of a local.
  51. Laos – Zip lining through the jungle into tree-houses on The Gibbon Experience.
  52. India – Watching our friend get married in India & visiting the Taj Mahal.
  53. Hong Kong (transit) – The shopping malls & spending 11 hours at the airport lounge, eating for free all day.
  54. Australia – Being reunited with family and friends for Christmas! The BEST experience of them all. 

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What does 2017 hold for the Globetrotters? 

In March of 2017, we are making our way back towards Asia… there’s still so much to explore and we aren’t quite ready to settle in Australia, just yet.

We’ll be travelling to Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand before heading towards our favourite continent for the second time… Africa! 

From the moment we left Africa, we couldn’t wait to return. It stole our hearts right from the beginning. Follow us, as we safari drive through the Serengeti National Park during The Great Migration, trek with gorillas in Uganda and take in the sunshine at the crystal beaches in Zanzibar. Excited is an understatement!

Gorilla Trekking  Zanzibar

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