Lagos is situated in the south of Portugal, and while it certainly does not feel Portuguese with all its backpackers, it’s the perfect place to relax on the beach, eat, party and repeat.

What to Expect in Lagos

The party & beach scene is what most come here for and it does live up to the hype, though it is not what you may first expect. It’s a super small town, so everything is within walking distance especially the bars which are literally 1-3 minutes walk from each other. The bars/clubs are small to mid-sized (no super clubs here) fitting about 50-100 people and they all have their own gimmick/time to go. They all have a very casual feel to them.

Most of the bars seem like clones of one another and offer a variety of party shenanigans such as beer bongs, card drinking games, shot challenges and so forth. They also make it competitive and tally on a blackboard what country does the most beer bongs, and to no surprise, the Aussies seem to dominate here.

Overall, the staff and people at all the bars are very friendly and ready for a good time but you should be aware that most people drink inside at hostels till about 11 pm and head out after then. Some bars close at 2 am, then some at 4 am, then some at 6 am so you will often jump about throughout the night and is very easy to do.

Where to party in Lagos?

Lagos Party Street

  • NahNahBah – Good for burgers and happy hour 11-12pm. Hostel pub crawls often start here at 11 pm.
  • The Tavern – Start up a shot card game with the bartender. A very fun place to party.
  • Three Monkeys – 2 for 1 drink specials and awesome staff.
  • Inside Out – Fishbowl drinks that literally have one full 750ml bottle of spirits in them.
  • Whytes – Look out for the 9 deadly sin shot challenge.

All of the above are within 3 minutes walk of each other.

Where to stay in Lagos?

So where should you stay in Lagos? In the old town is the simple answer, however, it depends on your budget and what you’re after. The Rising Cock and G Spot hostels are the main party hostels but you’re unlikely to get much sleep.

As we were wanting some sleep we opted for a quieter place about a 10-minute walk from the Old Town called Dona Ana Garden and then met up with the party crowd later. The beach was a 5-minute walk away and it included a private room, kitchen essentials, public BBQ and most importantly, a pool! All for less cost than a hostel.

Where to eat in Lagos?

NahNahBar Burger

  • Cafe Odeon – This small cafe is the perfect place to hit up the morning after a night out. For 3 Euro you get a full English breakfast (2 eggs any style, 2 pieces of toast, bacon, hash browns and optional pancakes). Chocolate milkshakes were a total win too.
  • The Green Room – A hearty Mexican restaurant with portions big enough to share. Quesadillas and the burritos were a top choice.
  • NahNahBah – Amazing burgers, shown above! Quite large but easily eaten by anyone hungry. You may want to bring some chewing gum for after your garlic covered fries 😉
  • Cafe Fresco – A great selection of fresh food, mixed juices and fruit smoothies. Their menu ranges from a variety of Indian, Thai, Mexican, Mediterranean and traditional English cooking. Everything is made fresh & tastes amazing.

What to do in Lagos?

Batata Beach Lagos

Hit the beaches!

The beaches are pristine, framed by their iconic rock formations, although be warned… the water is very cold!

  • Our favourite beach was Camilo Beach, a short walk up from Dona Ana Beach. Unfortunately, Dona Ana was closed due to falling rocks (reopening June) but you were able to see the beautiful beach from the headlands.
  • Batata Beach – Large sandy beach with crystal clear water. A cute cafe up the top for lunch or afternoon drinks.
  • Meia Praia Beach – We didn’t make it here but it is known for water sports and Bahia Beach Bar which sits right on the sand.


Kayaking is quite popular in Lagos, to explore all the various caves and rocks. You can rent kayaks and go on a tour with Days of Adventure.

Whether it’s visiting the crazy bars, eating at the awesome restaurants or relaxing on the beach, there’s something for everyone in Lagos.