This is a guest article contributed by Rebecca Brown.

Instagram plays a huge role in the travel world these days and if you want to up your Instagram game, you need to be on top of the trends for the 2020 vacation locations. Going to any old beach might provide you with a single average Instagram moment, but it won’t get you trending, and that’s the goal right?

Get to know the top beaches where the best photos can be taken in 2020 (after this COVID-19 saga blows over) and your Instagram game will be on point.

Start packing and make sure your camera is ready to take on the challenge.

Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Pink Beach Bahamas

This majestic beach on Harbour Island in the Bahamas actually has a 5 km (3 mi) long stretch of soft pink sand just waiting for your footsteps. It is one of the most unusual places in the world. The light rose colour is a result of foraminifera – a marine animal – and its red shell, which crushes and later mixes with the white sand.

For 2020 we suggest catching a sunset on this beach. You can stay in one of the numerous island resorts and accumulate a huge number of stunning photos. 

The simplest, yet most effective photo would be of you leaving a string of pink footprints in your wake as the sun sets over the rolling turquoise water. Just a suggestion.

Sumur Tiga Beach, Aceh, Indonesia

Sumur Tiga Beach, Aceh, Indonesia

With stunning blue turquoise waters and clean and soft white sands on the shore, the Sumur Tiga Beach is heaven on Earth. Just imagine palm trees swaying over the calm sea breeze surrounded by the green hills of tropical forest. It is all you need for that perfect Instagram-worthy picture.

Catch either the sunrise or the sunset over the sea and your Sumur Tiga Beach (Three Wells Beach) post will be trending for a while. During the day the sea offers an exotic blue colour of the water as well as strong waves, and it is in the evening that it calms completely allowing for the perfect photo of the sky reflected in the water.

You simply can’t take a bad photo when presented with such beauty. Have your camera at a ready and you are bound to catch some great moments.

Pasjača Beach, Croatia

Pasjaca Beach Croatia

Located in Konvale, near Dubrovnik, Pasjača Beach has been named the most beautiful beach in Europe by the European Best Destinations portal in 2019. This tells you that it is a definite must-visit if you are planning a summer on the Croatian seaside.

The beach itself is manmade. It was created in 1955, after the construction of a tunnel leading to the sea. The excavated rocks were left on the shore, and in just a few years the waves transformed them into a beach filled with fine sand. What makes this beach so Instagrammable is the fact that it is a small secluded piece of land with turquoise sea on one side and giant towering cliffs on the other.

If you find the right angle you can create a true masterpiece. And your Croatian vacation pictures will definitely be trending in 2020. Not to mention that you yourself are going to have the time of your life exploring this amazing Adriatic coastline.

Black Sand Beach, Reynisfjara, Iceland


We went from pink to black. But it is all about the contrast when it comes to capturing the perfect images. Black Sand Beach is one of the wettest spots in Iceland and the iconic volcanic rock spires that protrude from the ocean on its coastline tell a great story.

Just so you know, what awaits you there is black sand, amazing basalt columns, lava formations, towering cliffs, and caves. That, alone, represents an amazing backdrop for your photos.

In order to ensure the best possible picture given the often-cloudy Islandic sky, it is best that you wear something colourful just so you can add a pop of colour to that stunning background. When it comes to creating perfect Instagram beach photos you need a magical location and some good preparation work to make them stand out in the sea of similar attempts.

Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

How does hanging out with penguins on a beach with pristine white sand surrounded by turquoise water sound to you? Definitely an Instagram worthy moment wouldn’t you say? Well, that is exactly what you can get when you visit Boulders Beach in Cape Town.

Now you need to remember that this beach can get quite crowded, and with it being one of the most popular destinations in 2020, you should consider the right time of day to get that ideal photo. According to other travellers, the best photo ops are early in the morning and an hour before they close the beach to the public.

The backdrop, the sun setting down, the beautiful shades of blue and one of the cutest birds in the world makes this beach one of the most unique. 

Dune Du Pilat, La Teste-de-Buch, France

Dune Du Pilat, La Teste-de-Buch, France

Europe’s tallest sand dunes can be found near the Arcachon Bay. Yes, you read it correctly, you will feel like you have just stepped into a desert. The views are spectacular, and no one will believe you are actually in France.

100 or so meters up in the air, it feels like you are on top of the world. It sits in the middle of the water and the dense forest of pine trees. The sand is the giant wall between ocean and land and climbing it is an adventure. But once you are up there you’ll want to take as many photos as you can.

On one side you have dark greens from the forests, a strong contrast to the pale sands and the blue sky. On the other, there is the beautiful blue sea. Both present unique views that your Instagram followers will simply love. Just make sure you bring some food with you when you go exploring as you might want to stay there for a while.

Vaadhoo Island, Raa Atoll, Maldives

Vaadhoo Island, Raa Atoll, Maldives

Ready to explore “The Sea of Stars” phenomena. In case you missed it, that is what makes this particular location a must when it comes to the guide to the most instagrammable beaches in 2020. This phenomenon is caused by a natural chemical reaction known as bioluminescence, which occurs when a microorganism in the water is disturbed by oxygen.

What you see is stunning glowing water gently caressing white sand. It is simply beautiful and definitely worth a visit. Of course, the photos need to be taken during the night so as to capture their magical glow. Your Instagram account will definitely light up with likes.

Just make sure you set the camera down for a second and simply take a walk down this magical beach. Some moments we need to capture with all our senses and others can find their way to the camera quite easily.

See our dream vacation in the Maldives.

Iztuzu Beach, Turkey

Iztuzu Beach, Turkey

Well, we have suggested visiting the penguins, why not some turtles. Top choice beach in Dalyan, an excellent swimming beach, Iztuzu (Turtle) Beach is one of the Mediterranean nesting sites of the loggerhead turtle. You can already imagine what amazing photos can be taken here.

A 4.5km-long strip of golden sand, crystal clear water and stunning views. On top of all that you also get to meet the turtles. You will see wooden stakes dotted around the beach, they mark the spots where loggerhead turtles are nesting, so keep your eyes peeled for this beautiful creature and get ready to snap some amazing photos.

Having the privilege to witness the loggerhead turtles as they hatch and head out to sea is truly remarkable. Your Instagram followers will really appreciate the time and patience it took to snap the perfect picture on the Iztuzu Beach.

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You are now ready to fill your Instagram with some amazing photos from some of the most popular beaches in the world. 2020 is here and you have to plan each trip carefully so that you get on location at the right time to get everything perfect. The light, time of the year, time of the day and most importantly all the angles.

It is not easy snapping those ideal photos but when nature presents you with such beauty as witnessed at these beaches, it would be hard not to. 

Just don’t forget those hashtags, everyone knows which beaches will be trending throughout 2020, and with the right tag, your posts can reach a larger audience. So spread the beauty, educate and enjoy.

When it comes to creating perfect Instagram beach photos you need a magical location and some good preparation work to make them stand out in the sea of similar attempts. If you have any other ideas, let us know in the comments!