Spending 5 days in Ibiza is somewhat relaxing but can also be quite draining… we’re not 21 anymore! Ibiza is a non-stop party. Everywhere you look there are billboards attempting to draw you into certain clubs, pool parties, boat parties, restaurants and more. It can be quite overwhelming to the “Ibiza Virgin” as they call it.

Emily’s brother, Adam was able to join us for the week-long festivities. When the three of us get together, we are bound to create everlasting memories or sometimes, a few hazy memories.

When to go to Ibiza

Ibiza is a great place to vacation all year round, however, the hottest and the busiest ‘in-season’ months are from mid-June-September. August is the busiest of the year. Accommodation prices, drink prices and entry to clubs are all sky high during these months. The clubs gradually open from May with most of the opening parties occurring during the first week of June.

Accommodation in Ibiza


In Ibiza, there are a lot of awesome apartment complexes for you to stay in, and for a better price than a hotel or hostel. After some research, we stayed at Hotel Apartamentos Lux Mar and we highly recommend it as for a minimal cost, you get a perfect location and if you’re lucky, as we were, an awesome balcony view of the beach. Many sunrises and sunsets were viewed from our balcony over the course of the week. Or if you’re a baller, check out these dreamy villas in Ibiza.

Figueretes beach was a short 5-minute walk and Playa De Bossa beach was no more than a 15-minute stroll. The apartment was located in between Playa De Bossa and Ibiza Town, the two main areas you want to be close to. Although we had to take taxis to the various clubs, walking to restaurants, bars & beaches were easy. 


Things to do in Ibiza

Other than non-stop partying, there are other things to experience in Ibiza.

Rent a Jeep or Scooter & Explore

Jeep in Ibiza

We rented a matchbox-sized jeep to explore the island and stopped at all the different beaches along the coastline, all with crystal clear blue water. Most of the beaches have a restaurant to grab a drink or a snack and some provide fun water activities.

Our favourite beach was Cala Conte shown below. This beach, in particular, is known for its amazing sunsets. The beach was very crowded but it still plenty of room to find a space and a restaurant on the headland to grab a bite to eat or a cocktail.

Cale Conte

Take a day trip to Formentera

Formentera is a small island off of Ibiza and there are multiple companies that will take you there. A sspeedboatwill take you there in 30 and a ferry will take around an hour or so. Once on the island, you can rent a bike, scooter, car, moped and explore the island at your own pace or walk 15 minutes to the nearest beach. There are a few restaurants situated on the beach, but being on the budget we are, we couldn’t quite afford to pay 100 euro for a paella or 18 euro for a cocktail. Maybe next time when we head back on our private yacht.

Explore the Ibiza Old Town

The old town of Ibiza was a great place to stroll around for the various shops, bars and restaurants. There’s something for everyone here.

Party & Repeat

Ibiza Party

Clubbing in Ibiza is like no where else.

Some of the clubs have their own resident DJ (Avicii, Steve Aoki, etc) that will play at the same club each week, but they also have headline DJs on other days of the week. If you are looking for a specific DJ or more information on other clubs that we didn’t attend (outlined below) then you check out Ibiza Spotlight.

There are many tips and tricks for your time there along with the full summer schedule.

It’s always best to buy your ticket before arriving at any of these clubs. You can purchase them through Ibiza Spotlight or official ticket vendors throughout the town and be warned, they do sell out often! Buying them at the door is usually more expensive and more of a hassle. Each club is known for a certain night and it’s best to ask when you’re there as this often changes. Below are the clubs we went to and recommend.

Pacha – The most famous club in Ibiza. A club that will set you back 18 euro for a drink but don’t worry because it’s only 5 euro for a shot. Go figure. Shots it is! Entry fee to this club is usually 50 euro and up. 70 euro on Thursday nights. Perhaps rob a bank before coming here.

Amnesia – We’ve never been in a club this large before. It can hold 5,000 people! Surprisingly the security and process of getting into these large clubs is quite easy so don’t let the number of people turn you away. If you feel it’s necessary to have more people to party with, head over to Privilege which can hold 10,000 people! Four drinks here set us back a whopping 72 Euro… This club has a much larger dance floor and 2 huge rooms which could easily be 2 separate clubs. Awesome!

Beautiful People Boat Party – Although waking up after a night out is always tough, we were determined not to waste any of our days in Ibiza so we opted to join the boat party “Beautiful People Ibiza Boat Party”. For 79 euro, you get an open bar for 7 hours, buffet style lunch, snacks, a stop at the famous Formentara beach, jet ski rides and a banana boat ride. A full day and not a bad price for all that is included.

Ocean Beach Pool Party – Our favourite of the week, a day of drinking in the sun! Ocean Beach features a large pool with music, acrobatics, sun, water, a ton of people, great atmosphere and of course expensive drinks. You’ll be looking at 60 euro for a jug of a cocktail of your choice. Oh well, it’s the experience! We were only going to do it once.

Sankeys – One of the first clubs to open in season in Ibiza, a club that has 3 rooms with a terrace. It’s known for its ‘underground’ house music.

Over all, Ibiza lived up to its name, our voices were left there and some memories were re lived via the camera. We experienced plenty of party time, sun and although we are down in the bank account, we are up in those memories and that’s all that matters!

Marriage days survived: 81