Travelling with a baby is no easy feat but it is definitely not impossible.

In fact, it just adds a whole new exciting element to the world of travel. Watching the world through the eyes of a child is a whole new experience. I don’t remember the last time I’ve stopped to stare up at a tree swaying in the wind or down at the leaves on the ground.

Whilst there’s no denying you have to adjust the type of travel you have, if you have the right mindset, travel gear and patience, travelling with a baby can be a whole lot of fun.

Our son, Hugo (shown to the right), at the time of writing, is 6 months old and has already mastered 2 holidays to New Zealand and Fiji. With the right gear and planning, he made our life very easy and we’re so excited to continue our love for travel with Hugo in tow.

Below we’ve compiled a list of our best baby travel items, that are essential for your next family trip!

  1. Travel Cot – Baby Bjorn
  2. Baby Carrier – Ergo 360
  3. Travel Stroller – Baby Jogger City Tour 2 
  4. Car Seat – Graco SlimFit 3 – in – 1 Convertible Car Seat
  5. Nappy Bag – DadGear Backpack
  6. Sleep Sacks – Ergo Pouch
  7. Silicone Bibs – Tommee Tippee
  8. White Noise Machine – Dreamegg
  9. Insulated Food Jar – Thermos Foogo
  10. Thermometer – iProvèn TMT-215

» Read: Insider Tips for Travelling with a Baby and let us know if you have any other helpful tips to add to our list!

Top 10 Baby Travel Items

Travel Stroller

Everyone has their own criteria when it comes to picking a stroller that works for them and for us, The City Tour 2 by Baby Jogger stroller ticks them all! This wonderful compact, lightweight travel stroller weighs only 6.5kg and measuring only 18cm x 50 cm x 58cm. It meets all carry on requirements, therefore, fitting in the overhead compartment, provides a multi-position reclining seat, including completely flat (great for sleeping out and about!) and is suitable for newborns up until 22kgs. A bassinet can be purchased separately.

Travel Cot

Whilst most mid-level+ accommodations supply a travel crib, we prefer to  carry our own. That way we aren’t limited to where we can stay and we know Hugo is comfortable in his bed. The Baby Bjorn travel cot weighs only 6kg (including the carry bag), comes with a very comfortable mattress that lays flat on the ground as well as a mesh surrounding ideal for air flow. The best part about this crib? It is unbelievably easy to put up and take dow, making it ideal for on the road. Tip: Let your little one have a sleep in it before your first adventure so they’re used to their new bed!

Baby Carrier

Baby Carriers are one of the greatest inventions known to man and we couldn’t be happier with the Ergo 360. The Ergo 360 can be worn 4 ways (hence the name). Facing in, out, sideways and on your back. It comes with a mesh netting at the front to allow for air flow which is a savior in the warmer months and humid countries. It took Hugo a few months to get used to being in one of these but now that he can face out and see the world, he is a very happy camper. Its amazing what you can do hands-free!

Baby Car Seat

If you’re planning a road trip for your holiday and are unsure whether to pack your own car seat, we strongly recommend doing so. Unfortunately, you don’t know what your car rental company will provide you with and we learnt this the hard way during our New Zealand South Island Road Trip. Put your mind at ease knowing your little one is in the best possible car seat! It may be extra baggage, but it’ll be worth it! We currently use the Britax Safe-n-Sound’s Millenia (more commonly found in Australia) and although not exactly lightweight, your baby is guaranteed 100% comfort and safety. Alternatively, the Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is half the cost and is ideal for smaller vehicles.

Nappy Bag

There’s nothing more frustrating than digging through a bag trying to find whatever it is you’re looking for, especially when your baby has just had a poo explosion and those pesky wipes are nowhere in sight! The dadgear backpack looks like a regular backpack (dads, no glittery nappy bags here) and has 13 large separate compartments, including a quick access wipes window.

Sleep Sacks

Baby sleep bags are given a TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) rating according to the warmth they provide. Ergo pouches come in various TOG’s  starting at < 1.0 and go up to 3.5 in warmth. Zipping Hugo into one of these bags is his sure sign cue that it’s bedtime, no matter where we are in the world! They’re machine washable, very comfortable and come in a variety of patterns. Our Hugo boy loves sleeping in his sleeping bag and we save space in our bags by not having to pack blankets on top of these!

Silicone Bibs

These silicon bibs from Tommee Tippee are extremely handy to have on the road, especially if you’ve just introduced solids and meal times are as messy as what they are with Hugo! They are super easy to clean, can fold up to half the size and the small lip at the bottom catches any food that doesn’t quite make it in your babies mouth!

White Noise Machine

We honestly don’t know how we ever slept without one of these machines! When you’re away from home, you’ll never know how noisy your hotel room may be which is why having your white noise machine to drown out any loud noises is very important. The dreamegg machine comes everywhere with us and it allows Hugo to feel a sense of security by having these familiar sounds whenever he sleeps. You can choose between 24 different sounds, it is rechargeable by a USB cable and it is small and compact making it ideal for travel.

Insulated Food Jar

As soon as Hugo started solids we found these extremely helpful for taking food out on the go. When you’re travelling you don’t always have access to a microwave or boiling water. By investing in a Thermos Foogo you can guarantee that it will stay warm/cold for up to 7 hours for cold food and up to 5 hours for warm food due its double wall stainless steel layer.


Some may disagree but for us, a thermometer is always on our packing list. Why? You never know when you’re little one could fall sick! If it’s 2:00 am and you suspect your baby to have a fever, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to find a local hospital or medical centre. Keeping a thermometer as well as baby Panadol handy can prevent a whole lot of stress for you and your little one. Personally, we use the iProvèn TMT-215, a non-contact digital forehead thermometer. Not only can you check your babies temperature when they are asleep without disturbing them but we found them to have the most accurate readings.

What other travel baby gear do you recommend? Let us know in the comments.