This post was contributed by Ismail Khalid.

Whether you’ve been travelling alone for quite some time or it is your first solo trip, there is no doubt you will surely have a wonderful time. However, before you get ready for your trip, there are so many things you should consider to avoid mishaps, and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Below are six valuable tips for travelling solo! 

1. Try To Blend In

The last thing you want on your trip is a tourist scam, or a thief targeting you. Standing out in the crowd means you are branding yourself as someone new to the area. Criminals can detect that you’re unfamiliar with the place, which makes you an easy target. So, what can you do to blend in? Do a little research about the location and find out how people dress there.

Your best bet is to look like a local; however, that might not be possible in all countries. In that case, simply wear neat, casual, and neutral clothing that doesn’t set you apart from the crowd. Try and avoid speaking loudly or carrying items that draw attention, such as a huge map and binoculars around your neck. If you need to open a map, do it subtly or walk into the nearest cafe or shop and then open it. Just remember, as long as you do everything with confidence, you’re good to go.

2. Remain Confident

Even if you don’t feel confident, it is important to look confident. It might seem challenging, considering that being alone in a foreign land can be scary. Just follow these simple tips, and you’ll do great:

  • While walking around, keep your head up and shoulders back.
  • Try to look straight ahead and ignore distractions.
  • Pretend as if you have to be somewhere very important. 
  • Go out and explore with a positive attitude and an open mind.

If you could master these aspects, you’ll be able to walk around the streets of any city with high confidence. Another part of remaining confident is knowing what you’re doing. 

3. Book Your Accommodation Beforehand

For your first solo adventure, I highly recommend booking a place to stay in advance. Search for accommodations that have good reviews and are located in the city’s safer areas. Pre-booking your first few nights of the stay will save you the hassle of looking for a right place as soon as you land.

You probably won’t have enough time, or energy, to search for the best accommodation and will likely end up booking the first place you find. Advance-booking will also lift a huge burden off you right at the beginning of your trip. And you’ll be able to enjoy a more relaxing flight. Speaking of flights, you certainly need this next tip.

4. The Right Luggage and Smart Packing

Choosing the right luggage can make all the difference while travelling. You don’t want to haul around a hefty bag that doesn’t roll nicely or a backpack that leaves your neck and shoulders sore. Your bags should be comfortable and very easy to carry or drag around. At the same time, your luggage must have enough space for all your necessary belongings. That’s where smart packing comes in – pack as light and as appropriately as you can.

Take only essentials and equip yourself with the right clothes for your destination. Check weather forecasts for the length of your trip, so you know how warm or cold it will be. In addition, do some preliminary research and note any cultural standards and dress codes of the area. It is especially important for conservative cities and most importantly, don’t forget your packing cubes!

See here for what to pack on a world trip!

5. Stay Connected Back Home

Someone at home should know where you are going, whether it’s a family member or friend. Give them the following list of information:

  • Flight numbers
  • Accommodation details
  • Schedule of your entire trip
  • Travel insurance details
  • Credit card information
  • Bank account number

Use text, email, or social media to update them regularly. If something goes wrong on your trip, your loved ones will know how to find you easily. In case you lose your phone, you should know how to track an iPhone. Not only is this important in case you get into trouble, but it will also give you and your family/ friends some reassurance that you are safe. You definitely want to enjoy your trip with peace of mind, and that brings me to our last advice.

6. Make Necessary Arrangements Before Leaving

Are you worried about your dog’s well-being? Are you going for a long time, and your house needs upkeep? If you desire to enjoy your trip entirely, make some arrangements before you leave home and forget about any worrisome factors. Make provisions for babysitters or other necessary services. Get your friends and family on board and ask them to check up on your house while you’re gone. Always start your trip without the stress of something going wrong back home.