This is a guest article contributed by Emily Pham.

Korea beckons travellers all around the world with its technological marvels, red-hot cuisine, trendy K-Pop culture, unique nightlife, and dynamic cities. Apart from that, this country boasts misty pine-clad mountains, amazingly well-preserved traditions, and emerald green rice paddies. Whether you are a chic fashionista, adventure seeker or history buff, you will have multiple options for places to visit in Korea.

If you’re planning your next holiday to South Korea, be sure to add these top 10 beautiful destinations to your itinerary. 

1. Seoul


As we know, Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is definitely one of the best destinations to visit in this country. Seoul is a dynamic fusion of ancient traditions and cutting-edge technology. It appeases your wanderlust with its vast nightlife districts, serene Buddhist temples, extraordinary architecture, and trend-setting youth culture. Apart from that, Seoul is full of amazing landmarks and places such as Gyeongbok-guk, Deoksu-gung, Changdeok-gung, Namsan Park, Olympic Park, Yeouido Park, N Seoul Tower, and Jongmyo Shrine. What is more, Seoul contains a handful of mountains for intrepid travellers and hikers including Mount Inwang, Mount Samseong, Mount Gwanak, and Mount Bukhan.

2. Jeju Island

Jeju Island

Jeju Island is called the “Island of the Gods” and is also known as one of the most romantic destinations to visit in Korea. It’s well-known for its tropical beauty along with perfectly breezy and cool weather in the summer. On Jeju Island, you will find a mishmash of tourist attractions and amusement parks. Lots of Korean tourists travel to Jeju Island to enjoy the beaches and seafood. You can visit the Seongeup Folklore Village and Glass Castle, or make your way to Loveland, a theme park that features adult only.

3. Busan

Busan provides you with an irresistible blend of ancient Buddhist temples, majestic mountains, and tropical beaches, which make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Korea. Plus, the city has deliciously fresh seafood and glamorous film festival. Though most of the temples of the country are nestled in hills and mountains, the Haedong Yonggung Temple is situated on the coast of Busan which overlooks the Sea of Japan. Besides, Busan is full of cultural delights such as the Busan International Film Festival.

4. Gyeongju


Gyeongju is a former capital of an ancient kingdom that boasts a rich selection of cultural and historical attractions. You will find a plethora of relics, ruins, and ancient sites with a heritage stretching back over a thousand years. The Gyeongju National Museum is a must-see here. You can also check out other highlights of Gyeongju such as the picturesque Anapji Pond and Bulguk-sa Temple Tumuli Park.

5. Boseong


Do you want to see something beautiful and green? Why not add Boseong to your list of destinations to visit in Korea? Boseong is lauded as the tea capital of South Korea, which lures tons of sightseers, photographer, and filmmakers daily because of its dramatic & eye-catching green fields. Apart from that, Boseong has tasty green tea-related specialities including fresh green tea ice-cream and green tea pork belly.

6. Jeonju


Jeonju is the capital of North Jeolla Province. It is a vital tourist centre famous for historic buildings, Korean food, innovative festivals, and sports activities. It also teems with temples and museums, which make it one of the leading places to visit in Korea for culture vultures and history buffs. Jeonju bibimbap is a traditional local food, which is famous across South Korea. There are also some popular vegetarian restaurants in which serve Jeonju style food together with pine wine.

7. Jinhae

Jinhae Cherry Blossom

Jinhae is located around twenty miles west of Busan that is a quiet coastal town known for cherry blossoms. The city hosts the largest cherry blossom festival every spring, with lots of pink trees lining railways, streets, and streams. Each spring, thousands of Koreans and other visitors in the world crowd into Jinhae to view the cherry blossoms and see the street performers, street lighting, and carnival stalls.

8. Samgwangsa Temple, Busan

Samgwangsa Temple, Busan

Samgwangsa Temple is famous for its lantern festival each year, an event honouring Buddha’s birthday attracting over a million visitors yearly. Countless lanterns will light up in spectacular colors under the night sky during the festival.

9. Cheongsando Island

Cheongsando Island

Cheongsando Island is famous for its untouched beauty places such as terraced rice paddies, fields of yellow rapeseed flowers, and panoramic ocean views. Besides, the island is known for embracing slow living, holding a “Slow Walking Festival” each year in which residents & visitors are inspired to take part in the walking trails to soak in the scenery.

10. Bukchon Hanok Village

Perfectly fascinating and preserved, Bukchon Hanok village dates back about 500 years to the Joseon Dynasty. This village especially has various wonderful features such as narrow streets and traditional homes using classic pagoda roofs. The buildings here are used cultural centres, guesthouses, traditional restaurants, and tea houses, making it the ultimate destination to soak up the atmosphere of historical sides of Korea.

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