“A destination beyond imagination”

Travelling can get pretty exhausting, even though that may seem slightly ridiculous. When you’re living your life on the road indefinitely, every penny counts, so occasionally you find yourself in sub-standard accommodation, showering with a bucket of cold water, and sometimes a little too regularly.

Learning to appreciate the luxuries of life sounds a little “snobby” but it’s the truth and every once in a while you just want to lay your head on a soft pillow, have a warm shower and dry yourself with a fluffy white towel. And indulge in buffet meals. And relax in hammocks. And get room service. We don’t ask for much 😉

Sunset Villa

Where can you do all of this? At the Best Resort in Coron, PalawanClub Paradise. An exclusive 19-hectare island, just a short 30-minute speedboat ride from Decalachao Pier in Coron.

How to spend your day in paradise

Our days in paradise were taken at a very relaxed pace. There were no alarms set, no rush to do anything, no activities we had to do and there was nowhere we had to be. Just waking up in the comfort of our room with the ocean at our doorstep, put an immediate smile on both of our faces. We could hear the ocean going to sleep, as well as first thing in the morning.

Club Paradise Resort

Club Paradise Resort

Usually, that feeling of sand on your feet in your room would drive you mad, but it was a pleasant reminder of just how close we were to the sea. The beach surrounding this island was one of our favourites in the Philippines and that’s saying something! It never felt crowded, in fact, it felt as though we had a decent portion of the beach to ourselves at all times. The colour of the water was exactly out of a brochure and the sand was exceptionally clean.

Club Paradise Resort

The hardest decision we had to make in a day was to lay by the pool or the beach. It was “tough” to leave our sunset villa but the relaxed atmosphere at the pool with lounge beds, summery cocktails and laughing emoji pool floats made it that little bit easier.

Club Paradise Resort

With no gym on the property and a whole lot relaxing going on, one morning we decided to venture up to “Eagles Point”, a lookout a short 20 minute walk away. I questioned Jacob numerous times during this hot, sweaty, mosquito-biting walk as to why we were doing this. Can you blame me? Not only is there the most idyllic beach down below, we’ve just gotten a drone that shows these views all too well and now, we’re back “hiking again” ;). Of course, once we’re at the top, the views were well worth it and now, we have earned ourselves another beverage.

Eagles Point

Club Paradise Resort

It seems no matter where we are in the world or how many times we lay eyes on a sunset, they are always, always just as spectacular. No sunset is ever the same, no colour combination is ever repeated nor are the formations of the clouds. I wonder when the day will come when the beauty of these will fade. I hope never! Fortunately, the storms held off both nights and we could watch the sunset from our very own villa.

Sunsets at Club Paradise Resort


Swimming with Turtles

Experiencing animals in the wild is no doubt one of the coolest experiences. During one of our many snorkelling adventures, we saw multiple turtles grazing on the seafloor, as well as coming up for air on the surface. Unbothered to share the water with us humans, it was pretty spectacular to snorkel alongside them in the clear-as-crystal ocean. Be sure to keep some distance and please don’t ever try and ride them, we’ve heard some pretty bad horror stories of irresponsible tourists!

Swimming with Turtles

Filling our Bellies

Food. Glorious food. Without a decent meal, you’ll find two unhappy globetrotters. As to be expected on a remote island, the restaurant options were limited, however, what was available was scrumptious. Firefish restaurant with its ideal dining location served up farm-to-table dishes with a focus on local ingredients home grown on the island itself.

Fire Fish Restaurant

Crispy Pork Belly

Classic dishes were served with a twist which kept our taste buds guessing and tummies happy. A favourite was the crispy pork belly with coconut cream (shown above). On the multi-paged menu, you can find just about every type of cuisine.

The breakfast buffet had an abundance of food including both western and local delicacies, though we found these too heavy for our liking in the morning. Omelettes, fresh fruits and toast for us!

Breakfast Buffet

I hate to admit, but one of our favourite aspects of Firefish restaurant was their delicious ‘Summer Sensation’ shakes! These are just so unbelievably fun. Cookies, cream, chocolate and oozing chocolate sauce. It’s a race against the clock when it is 30 degrees out, it’s just you versus the melting chocolate! Mmm.

Summer Sensations

For our last night on the island, we decided to spice things up a little with a romantic dinner for two on the beach, complete with a roaming acoustic band singing us love songs. It was the perfect way to end our stay at the resort.

Romantic Beach Dinner

It’s the small things in life

Have you ever left a hotel and remembered the smallest of details about your stay that made it feel special?

Club Paradise Resort

Complimentary Foot Massage

Club Paradise Resort

From the moment we arrived at Club Paradise Palawan, the small touches continued to roll in. Welcome bracelets, personalised greetings in our room & a complimentary foot massage was just the beginning. Throughout our stay, refresher towels, snacks, fresh juices arrived at our door by the smiling helpful staff. Note the strongest bell boy ever!

Bell Boy

Welcome to Club Paradise Resort

Club Paradise Resort

It doesn’t take a lot to impress us but I think we can safely say we were blown away when we entered our room and noticed we had our very own photo printed out and displayed in our suite. I mean, how cool is that?! Talk about a personal touch!

Treating Ourselves 

Glow Spa

Often treating yourself to a massage at any resort is rather costly and there’s no denying that they jack up the prices. So, how do you know when it’ll be worth the extra cost? And more importantly, how do you know when you’ve had a good massage? The first sign? When you hear your husband snoring!

Glow Spa

The ladies at Glow Spa had magic hands and knew exactly what they were doing and it was by far one of the most relaxing, enjoyable massages we’ve had before, just ask Jacob (or don’t, he may not remember). If we had more time, we would have taken the coconut body scrub… our sun-kissed skin could do with some loving!

Club Paradise Palawan: The Best Resort in Coron?

Club Paradise Resort

Well, how do you picture paradise? Does it look a little something like this? Club Paradise Palawan have got it pretty sorted with their secluded island and pristine beach and we can highly recommend it!

Thank you, Club Paradise Palawan for having us!

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Note: Our stay was made possible in partnership with Club Paradise Palawan. All thoughts, opinions and calories are our own, as always.

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