At the beginning of our trip, we wrote a post on “Our Top 9 Recommended iPhone Travel Apps “. It’s been 2 years since then so following on from that, we’ve added a few more of our favourite travel apps that have helped us save time, money and stress along the way!

As a side note, we are in no way affiliated with any of these businesses/apps, we just want to pass on the recommendations.

1. Top Cash Back

Top Cash Back

Top Cash Back stems further than just travel. Created in the UK, this site allows you to earn cash back on purchases done through their website. Each provider gives a certain percentage back to your account per purchase. ie. book a hotel through and earn 5% cash back. Simply sign up and proceed to book your hotels, vacation packages, cruises and car rentals through their site and see your account grow in funds.
Free to sign up for iOS and Andriod.

2. GPSmyCity

GPS My City

Do you love to explore cities by foot but often don’t know which way to go? GPSmyCity offers over 6000 guided GPS walks in over 700 cities worldwide. Never worry about missing out on the hidden gems of a city or the main attractions, this app will get you around a city by foot as well as provide relevant articles to the destination you’re in.
Free for iOS and Android

3. Maps.Me


We only discovered this towards the end of our trip last year but it is by far one of our favourite apps out there. Maps.Me is available worldwide and allows you to search for addresses, points of interests, restaurants, hotels, ATM’s and directions all completely offline. It’ll even show you if you have to go up or downhill when cycling (now this is convenient!). It is incredibly detailed, very user-friendly, allows you send your location, bookmark any favourite restaurants and is kept updated by millions of contributors daily.
Free for iOS and Android

4. PackPoint

Pack Point

No matter how many times you check you’ve got everything, there’s always something you forget… PackPoint will help you organise what you need to pack based on categories such as how long you are going for, the weather and any extra things you will need for activities. Simply put in your relevant information and a boom a checklist will be provided.
Free for iOS and Android.

5. Hopper


Hopper is a very popular app that not only allows you to book flights directly from your phone but also informs you of the best time to buy as well as notifying you if a flight price will change based on previous years of data. Not all airlines are quoted on there which is the only downfall but for any larger airline carrier, Hopper is your electronic travel agent to book smart and save money.
Free for iOS and Andriod

6. CityMapper


CityMapper is one of the easiest ways to navigate yourself from A-B. It offers real-time departures, any delays, trip costs, bike routes and should you be walking or cycling, it’ll tell you how many calories you’ll burn. If you’re searching in Australia and afraid of those drop bears, they will go as far as giving you the  “drop bear” safe option… It is available in 30+ cities worldwide.
Free for iOS and Android

7. Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet

It’s hard worrying about money when your travelling. Especially when you can’t work out where that extra $50 went! Trail Wallet tracks your finances in a simple, easy to use way. It’s perfect for keeping a budget on the road. Apart from seeing how your spending matches up against your daily budget, you can also see what percentage of your trip budget you’ve spent and also add in any categories that may suit your type of vacation… ie. an “ice cream” category. Someone has to keep track!
The basic app is free (up to 25 items per day) and more can be added as you need. 

Be sure to refer back to our previous post “Our Top 9 Recommended Travel Apps for iPhone“. We still use these on a daily basis!

Do you have any travel apps that you’ve found helpful? Let us know!

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