If you have decided to go on an extended vacation and actually spend some decent time travelling, I salute you! There is nothing that can fill your batteries like witnessing new environments and exploring unique locations.

Still, it would be very unfortunate if you went on a prolonged journey and not visited any festivals along the way. There are more than a few reasons why you should incorporate a festival (or two) in your travel plans, the primary reason being that they are super fun!



  • Where: Saint-Martin, Caribbean
  • When: 13-17, March
  • Cost: $$$

Saint-Martin in the Caribbean is host to one of the most sought-after festivals with an EDM lineup that few others can match. The beautiful island is the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere the festival organizers have prepared. Elegance and beauty – few EDM festivals encompass these two elements and SXM does this rather effortlessly.

Secret Solstice

  • Where: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Dates: 21-24, June
  • Cost: $$

When attending the Secret Solstice in Iceland you can easily tell who’s a native and who’s a tourist. Why? Well, the tourists keep staring at the sky perplexed by the fact that sun hasn’t set and 9 in the evening. This is one of the most unique festivals out there and it has one of the most diverse line-ups ever ranging from EDM to Hip-Hop, from superstars to underground performers.


Sziget Festival

  • Where: Budapest, Hungary
  • Dates: 8-15, August
  • Cost: $$

If you are swinging by Hungary (or somewhere in the vicinity) you’ve got to check out this musical extravaganza located in the middle of Budapest on a freaking island! Nominated and crowned several times as of the best summer music festivals Sziget is an exquisitely diverse experience with music, theatre, TED talks, art, gastronomy, and much more that is definitely worth your time.

Your Paradise

  • Where: Fiji
  • Dates: 7-13, December
  • Cost: $$$$

Imagine a festival set on two islands and you get to pick an island of your own. Well, that’s exactly what you get from Your Paradise in Fiji. One of the most unique festival concepts with cross-island events and insane parties in the beautiful weather. So, choose your side, Mana or Plantation Island, and prepare yourself for a two-island extravaganza that just keeps on giving.



  • Where: Boom, Belgium
  • Dates: 20-22 and 27-29, July
  • Cost: $$$

If you haven’t heard of Tomorrowland then you’re bound to have at least seen the photos somewhere online. This festival was designed to make your brain think it is in some fantasyland straight out of books or movies. It is an EDM experience like no other and, although there are similar alternatives, the original will always reign over the others.

You can see our guide here.

Fuji Rock

  • Where: Naeba Ski Resort, Japan
  • Dates: 27-29, July
  • Cost: $$$

Japan is a popular destination for a lot of travellers and if you are aching for a great festival while you are in the “Land of the rising sun”, Fuji Rock will blow you away. They sport a diverse line-up with rock, rap, and EDM artists. Amazing location, colourful crowds, and a top-notch line up – what more can you ask for?


Kingsland Amsterdam

  • Where: Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Groningen, Twente, Netherlands
  • Dates: 27th April
  • Cost: $

In the past, the King’s birthday was a special festivity and in modern times there are few events that are organized to honour a country’s monarch – especially with insane EDM parties! Well, this is what’s going down in Amsterdam on the day of the Dutch King’s birthday.

Lost & Found by Annie Mac

  • Where: Malta
  • Dates: 2-5, May
  • Cost: $$

This festival was designed for people who are looking for an EDM event that combines stunning beaches, seaside attractions and (wait for it) very intense parties. It is set on the beautiful island of Malta, along the stunning coastline. You can experience boat parties, poolside parties and numerous other attractions – like the castle rave, all of which are meant to keep the fun going.


Snowbombing 2017

  • Where: Austria and Canada
  • Dates: April
  • Cost: $$$

There are plenty of festivals out there for you beach-loving folk but what about the people who feel at home in the mountains? Well, the Snowbombing festival is a paradise for those who love fresh air, beautiful mountain vistas, skiing, snowboarding, and amazing parties! This festival has two variations – One is in Austria and the other can be found in Canada, so the chances that you are on the right continent are doubled.

BPM Portugal

  • Where: Portimao, Portugal
  • Dates: 20-23, September
  • Cost: $$

The scorching late summer sun in Portugal and a crowd that’s ready to have a good time is what you will find at the heart of BPM. The festival held at Portimao features around 180 of the world’s best DJs and 30 best party brands. You’ll get to dance the night away with people from 90 different countries. Frankly, this is one of the most unique festivals on this rock we call Earth.

Groove Cruise Cabo

Groove Cruise Miami

  • Where: from San Diego to Cabo, Mexico
  • Dates: 10-14, October
  • Cost: $$$

The Groove Cruise is something else, definitely. It’s a premium experience for EDM lovers. You will find yourself on the beautiful Norwegian Pearl with open artist-fan interaction. The elite cruiser will be moving along the West Coast to Cabo for a four-day journey. Come prepared, as parties virtually never stop! This party wonderland doesn’t deal with the ordinary – they only deal with the extraordinary!


  • Where: Cayman Islands, Caribbean
  • Dates: 15-16, February
  • Cost: $$$

This festival is a wonderful combination of experiences to satisfy every sense. They offer art exhibitions, comedy performances, the best live bands, and the best DJs! The attention they place on comfort is amazing and the beautiful setting of the Cayman Islands is what makes this event what it is – a festival to suit your every need!

We hope you found a festival to make your travels complete and even more amazing. Feel free to suggest your own favourites and explain why you prefer them. We love to hear about other people’s experiences too!

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